The Fleet...

Our rental fleet consists of the following types of bicycles:

Please note: Our rental fleet only consists of 28 inch (adult) bikes. Bikes for children are currently not available for rent. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Dutchbike: € 8,- per day

The traditional Dutchbike. 

No gears or handbrakes.
Braking is done bij pedalling backwards (pedalbrake).

Cargobike: € 12,50 per day

This cargobike has a sturdy, oversized frame and 3 gears. The braking system consists of a pedalbrake and an additional handbrake.

Installed on the front carrier is a big plastic box/crate (not shown in image) allowing you to transport your belongings during your biking trips.

Citybike: € 12,50 per day

This citybike is equipped with 3 gears and 2 handbrakes (no pedalbrake).

Due to the suspension in the front fork this bike will provide that little bit of extra driving pleasure as compared to the other rental bikes in the fleet.

What can you expect from the bikes?

  • Equipped with ringlock and plug-in chainlock.
  • Registered frame and keynumber.
  • Equipped with LED lights and tyres with reflective tape for cycling in the dark.
  • Dutch bicycles, built in shop with quality components.
  • Maintained periodically by our mechanics to prevent malfunctions as much as possible.

Price Table

In the table below you will find the exact prices per type of bicycle and rental period. Note: these prices do not include the deposit. Click on the table for a larger view.

As you can see, with a rental period of 4 days or longer, you will receive a 10% discount on the entire rental price. This discount has already been included in the table.

Day 1 is the day that you take the bike with you regardless of the time of day. So to get the most out of your rental price, it is best to pick up the bike as early as possible.

The bicycle(s) must be returned ** before 12:00 (± 30 min.). If the bicycle is returned after this time, we do not charge a fine but simply an extra day's rent depending on the type of bicycle.

** It is possible to extend the return time in consultation with our employees.


For every bicycle that we rent out, we charge a € 50,- deposit, which you will receive back after returning the bicycle.

We reserve the right to withhold part or all of the deposit in case of theft of the bicycle, loss of the key, loss of the chain lock, damage etc. etc.

The following deductions from the deposit apply for the scenarios below:

Theft of the bike:€50,-
Loss of the key:€15,-
Loss of the chainlock€25,-
Damage to the bike***:variable, max €50,-

***By damage to the bicycle we mean really major damages and defects due to incorrect use. So if you scratched the bike a little bit during your trip, no worries.


Before you take the bicycle with you, you pay the deposit plus the rental price for the desired period (see price table).

You can pay in many ways. Click here for all payment options.

You will receive the deposit back when you return the bicycle in good condition. In general, you will get the deposit back in cash. If our cash is insufficient, we will transfer the deposit by bank.

Additional Terms

  • Lessee needs to be at least 18 years of age.
  • Lessee needs to be able to show a valid ID card, passport or drivers license.
  • Prijssnijder is not responsible for any damage (material or immaterial) occured during the rental period.
  • It is expected of the lessee that he/she will use the bike with care and caution as one would do with their own property. Furthermore it is highly recommended that the lessee uses both locks when parking the bike to prevent theft.
  • Repairs performed by third parties (e.g. flat tire) will not be reimbursed by Prijssnijder.
  • When the bike gets stolen the lessee needs to make a report to the Police taking into account to give the police the frame and key number of the bike. The frame and key number can be requested at Prijssnijder.
  • When the lessee does not return with the bike, Prijssnijder will consider the bike stolen and a police report will be made.

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